Design office

Equipped with innovative and efficient technology to help you design, develop and visualize your projects on-screen before their completion, in order to print the layout diagrams necessary to produce the most complex parts in the workshops.



Scanner focus 3D faro

Allows detailed measurement and documentation. The Focus 3D uses laser technology to produce within minutes three-dimensional images, extremely rich in environment detail and complex geometry. The image resulting from the scan is composed of millions of 3D colour points and provides an exact digital rendering of existing conditions. The image can then be exported in AutoCAD in order to design detailed plans and to include your wishes in the environment.

Within a few hours, a yacht engine-room can be sketched in order to prepare the parts to be replaced in the workshop before installing them on board.

Pack Autodesck 2015


Pack 2015 Autodesk Product Design suite (Inventor Professional, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical / ReCap / Electrical, 3ds Max Design, Navisworks Simulate/Manage inventor professional


Allowsto design, visualize and simulate a complete digital representation of your final product through extensive creation tools for the manufacture of plastic parts, design complex routed systems, optimization and digital validation of design performance, thereby reducing the use of physical tests.