French Military Tanker "MEUSE"

French Military Tanker

French Military Tanker « MEUSE »

  • Repair the castle following a "gale at sea"
  • Conduct a study of deformation with 3D SCAN
  • Survey report and definition of the repair zone
  • Remove damaged ventilation ducts and valves
  • Remove ventilation boxes from the side plating
  • Delineate the insert
  • Torch cut the plating
  • Straighten the lower part of the insert by shrinkage heating and hydraulic cylinder.
  • Manufacture of ventilation boxes according to measures.
  • Manufacture the insert lined with reinforcements dimension 4000 * 3000
  • Preparation of edges (inserts and plating).
  • Lifting and fitting the insert
  • Welding the element with MIG + ceramic process
  • Fit and weld ventilation boxes
  • Test the welds using Dye-penetrant test and Ultra Sound survey.